"ZHONGXING brand HPL"-- Your reliable products (High Pressure Laminate)

8. Extended products

We can manufacture the products according to the client's requirement. Making profundity products by sticking HPL to plywood, MDF, HDF, chipboard, fiberboard and the product named as MFC.
The characteristic:
1. Design reality, bright color and luster, virtue of impact-resistant and heat-resistant;
2. Our HPL(200 kinds patterns) may be make the MFC
3. Provide various surface finish, such as glossy, matt, nicety texture and bold texture etc.
4. Provide many various of thickness.
Used well on computer desk, furniture, sartorius bedplate etc.

Also having many partners in decorative material enable us to meet customer's other demand, such as laminate flooring, Plywood and so on.

Anyway we can supply other colors according to your requirement.

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