"ZHONGXING brand HPL"-- Your reliable products (High pressure Laminate)

5. Anti-fungus HPL

"ZHONGXING brand anti-fungus HPL characteristic."

Appended with excellent and special antimicrobial, tested by National relevant authority, it is ensured that this product can prevent microbe propagation with the effect is 100%. It can defend infection, dispel peculiar smell and prevent color changing, protect your health.
Bacteriostasis contrast schedule  

-Append organic-antimicrobial

-Append healthy bacteriostasis
-Microbe quantity

Colon bacilus test

Common HPL

Anti-fungus HPL

*Result after 24 hours*


"ZHONGXING brand anti-fungus HPL" characteristic


The rate of bacteriostasis is 100%. Appended with special organic-antimicrobial , permanence effect, and it is not harmful to body.

Anyway we can produce all the colors and designs into Anti-fungus HPL according to your requirment  

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